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Hungary`s developement weakens economy

Recent developments in Hungary weaken economy     Everyone who might have read the news over the last week will have come across many negative articles on recent developments in Hungary and on Hungary’s Prime Minister Victor Orban. Then at the same time when searching online I still find many positive quotes on Hungary and […]

Give me the numbers: No more rich and famous?!

Let me take you back to the year 1999. When eight different musicians have reached for the stars and all they have got was an incredibly rare diamond record for selling more than 10 million CDs. Today we can only name Adele who has achieved this. One single Soul diva who has made it during […]

Where do innovations come from?

Creativity and innovation are the driving forces which are necessary for an advance of any type, be it cultural, technological or scientifical. I chose to go more in depth with this topic because I think that it is the core aspect of most businesses these days. Even though some firms may get away with doing […]

Smart Homes – comfort, the new Big Brother or something in between?

Electrometers to measure a tomato’s sensation of pain, “meow” machines to chase rats away or the peas consumption gadget: until today mankind has been facing piles of dubious technological inventions whose convenience is undoubtedly questionable. Now a new trend is emerging, rising again the question “Is that really needful?” Probably you have already heard discussions […]

The artistical aspect of sustainability

“Our failure to address environmental issues is not a failure of information but a failure of imagination.” IT IS ALL ABOUT THE FUTURE As far as we know, businesses build upon rationalism and data-driven concepts. Boosting profits, enhancing efficiency, making productivity as fast as possible. But in order to provoke commitment – which is one […]


HOW ESTHER DUFLO WANTS TO CHANGE SOCIAL AID “In technology, we spend so much time experimenting, fine-tuning, getting the absolute cheapest way to do something – so why aren’t we doing that with social policy?” Esther Duflo belongs to the eight most influential economists worldwide (The Economist, 2008) and to the one hundred most influential […]

How to change the world – or in other words:

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Watching this short clip about Ray Anderson, founder of Interface, innovator of sustainable business concepts and an amazing and inspiring personality, I just felt the need to share it with others. I am doing research on Business in Sustainability, a more than current topic if […]