Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe as industrial location

Why do I write about this topic? Even though many Eastern European countries joined the EU in 2004 and 2007 their role and their importance appears low to many people. Little attention is paid to the fact that Eastern European countries are nowadays inseparable to the economy of the EU. Poland, for instance, had the only positive GDP in 2009 right after the financial crisis in the European Union. But after the process of democratization over the last couple of years those countries are now faced with many problems which are mainly ignored by the European Union and its people. In Hungary under the right-conservative Prime Minister Victor Orbań, for example, the freedom of expression is limited and anti-Semitism is growing.

Why is this topic relevant for business and for the reader? In the wake of globalization and with the east-expansion of the European Union the Eastern European countries start to play a crucial role for businesses, not only as a location to outsource work but also as location where new technologies are developed. Also, more and more unskilled or highly skilled workers from Eastern Europe, where wages are still very low, immigrate to the west of Europe in the hope of finding a job with higher wages and better working conditions. Those workers can provide insight in their culture, in their ways of working in their home countries and in the needs of customers on Eastern Europe. All in all, investing in Eastern Europe offers a chance for new markets with new customers and as well a chance for reducing costs of production for many companies.



  1. I appreciate the clear structure, you gave your text by using the two blocks in the beginning. The subheads of the paragraphs are cool, too! Maybe you could press return after each of those subheads, that would make it even more clear.

    Since the first part of your post is organized that clearly, the somehow less organized second part attracts attention. I would try to give it more structure in order to make the text look fluent and harmonious.

    I like that you clearly state why this topic is relevant and why you write about it. Thereby, you establish a personal connection, which is “nice to read”.

    To be honest, I would delete the “I have to read it anyway – part”, because that really creates the impression that you do not like to write and creates a negative atmosphere. As a blogger you do not have to write anything, so that somehow doesn’t fit (although I know you refer to the Bizapps assignment… but this is a different platform).

  2. mieki9 · · Reply

    I really like your way to start off – explaining your topic and the reasons for chosing it is an important step to keep your reader interested.Nevertheless, I hope you just did that for your first post and won’t maintain that but instead go into detail of some actual happenings. Good structure, nice style of writing, keep going like this! 😉

  3. For me, politics and country developments are really interesting topics, so thumbs up for your choice first! 🙂
    Then I like the way of organization with the bold writing, subheadings and risen questions as well as your style. What I liked most is that you also included simple headwords making your blog post concise and entertaining. I do not really have a point of criticism, maybe only that you could have involved a picture or diagram but this is not necessarily urgent.
    Very well done! 😉

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