I am studying current developments of the music industry because I want to find out how today’s trend of digitalization of music is affecting the industry in order to present my readers how people of the music business react to this trend and how they can still make money nowadays. I want to reason the perspectives of the economic future of music.

This week I would like to concentrate on what is causing digitalization of music.

In order to do so, I would first of all like to introduce a book that I have come across during my research. It is called “Digital ist besser” (digital is better) and was written by former Universal Music Deutschland manager Tim Rennner and his journalist brother Kai-Hinrich Renner.

They clearly stand for the positive aspects of digitalization and try to find reasonable explanations for it. The process of digitalization and democratization is considered a simple continuation of the earlier pop culture, which has always been a way for young people to express themselves with their modern needs. So without understanding pop culture it is not possible to understand the concept of digital music consumption. For example, downloading music from the internet even sometimes illegally is just the modern form of what people did back in the 80’s recording music from the radio through cassette players.





  1. Kurz&Knackig! I like the length of this post, it ensures that the reader is not demotivated to start reading your text. I also like the ending (more to follow). Maybe it would be a good idea to integrate a link to further details and information for those who want to know more right now.

  2. mieki9 · · Reply

    I really like that you included a book recommendation in your post, that’s quite innovative 😉 You structured your text simply but well and by subheads, bold prints and the picture, it’s pleasing to look at. The only thing that is missing to my mind is a short, personal statement at the end, because your post ends rather abruptly. Hence the “more to follow” saying at the very end keeps my expectation high because the subject you chose is quite interesting 🙂

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