How to change the world – or in other words:

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

Watching this short clip about Ray Anderson, founder of Interface, innovator of sustainable business concepts and an amazing and inspiring personality, I just felt the need to share it with others. I am doing research on Business in Sustainability, a more than current topic if taking a look at the overall debates. More and more companies realize that a change is inalienable – no popular online newspaper exists without a special department for Business Sustainability, see also The Guardian, and even a completely new professional niche arose during the past years which brought about people who specialized on teaching others how to restructure their processes. On these grounds, I would like to point out the importance of such a global topic and perhaps give you, my dear readers, an impulse – since who knows, one of you might be a world savior in the future?!


Related to that, I found an interesting article on The Guardian online, a discussion about how to improve sustainability reporting in the future. The EU commission recognized that most companies were not aware of what their sustainability impacts really were – the consequence being the proposal of so-called “sustainability reporting” (SR). These reports should help businesses to discover the opportunities and risks of their own concept and to ideally find unused chances. The introduction of SR is still controversial – many questions are left unanswered and financial performances as well as hard facts are left out completely. To my mind, reporting on ways how to make your own company more sustainable is a really important step in making our society and business world a little better. Today, not tomorrow.

As Ray Anderson says:

Sustainability is a better way to make a bigger profit.


One comment

  1. I think your way of writing is already pretty “bloggy” and not only reporting, like in the majority of our posts. You are probably one small step ahead, that’s great!

    If you ask me the headline and quotation in the beginning are a little bit too general, in order to get the direct connection to your topic, but this is just a personal feeling. I would incorporate the word “sustainability” or something else, which is directly related to your topic, into the headline. Doing this, you would call attention to the real content right in the beginning and you would also increase the chances that people read your post.

    Moreover, I do not really get the connection between your two paragraphs. What has the video to do with SR? I like the quotation by Ray Anderson which in fact somehow establishes a small link between the paragraphs, but in my opinion it is a little too weak.

    The sentence in the end (Today, not tomorrow) is a relly great sentence to finish a post and underlines the urge of a change concerning sustainability! Using this catchy sentence, you lend weight to your interesting post.

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