Smart Homes – comfort, the new Big Brother or something in between?


According to L. Ron Hubbard tomatoes scream when being cut. Ouch!!!

Electrometers to measure a tomato’s sensation of pain, “meow” machines to chase rats away or the peas consumption gadget: until today mankind has been facing piles of dubious technological inventions whose convenience is undoubtedly questionable.

Now a new trend is emerging, rising again the question “Is that really needful?”
Probably you have already heard discussions about this recently very hot topic.

As a blogger about new invented applications I want to dedicate myself to the topic of the promising invention of Smart Homes in order to find out how different devices in our home can be controlled from far away, how this may touch our everyday life in the future and what pros and cons are so that you as potential users understand how smart homes can be advantageous both to us and our environment.

House Owners, watch out for intelligence!

Soon, us human beings will not longer be the only ones to be smart at home. According to specialists about two thirds of German interviewees can imagine altering their homes to Smart Homes.

But what is that actually?

When domestic appliances, gadgets and facilities are interrelated and analyze data among each other, this is called a Smart Home. Metering, security, energy saving measures and media control are included in this automation and are capable of communicating with one another and can be controlled remotely by a time schedule, from any room
smart-home-1in the home, as well as remotely from any location in the world by phone or internet.
Many home controllers have built-in monitoring systems whereby they calculate and log usage by all connected devices, giving the home owner heightened awareness and the knowledge to make changes as necessary. 
That means for example when you are not sure if you turned off the oven while not being at home, you can easily find out via an app. Or when you on holidays you can check if everything is alright, if the windows are closed and if someone caves in, you are immediately alerted. Also for healthcare smart homes are convenient as old patients do not have to attend the doctor every day anymore as the hospital has direct insight in how youare doing, on top of that they can program their house to remind them to take pills at a specific time so that they will not forget them.

The imagination of a home knowing more about itself than you do might not sound very odd yet but it is not only this. If the development goes its path the way technologists foresee it, homes will soon know what their occupants are doing, what they need and they will even start speaking to them. With the help of tiny cameras and optical sensors.

People are scared by the word camera because

it sounds as if Big Brother is watching.

But the intention is indeed not to spy.
It is primarily to enhance a higher level of comfort, safety and eco friendliness.

Because our homes are held sacred and are considered a rare place to be for ourselves and to be ourselves many people are still very sceptic and do not know right away how to judge this technological enrichment. From now on I will try to illuminate what is made a stand against them, what the struggles are to establish them effectively in our society and why they could help us and other specific consumer groups out. Meanwhile you can gather further information here.

…to be continued…



  1. I enjoyed reading your blog post. I think your style of writing and your structure are well choosen. However, I would appreciate if you started off next time with describing “Smart Houses” and their features as i still don`t really know what exactly “Smart houses” are and how they work.
    I consider the topic to be very interesting and I am already excited for your next blog post!

  2. Firstly, I consider your topic well chosen and interesting, though I do agree with Rebecca that you could have maybe provided a slighly londer definition of a smart home alongside some links. But nevertheless, I feel like I got an overview of your topic. Your blog post is visually well designed and attractive with lots of variety. I would like to read about the safety concerns (Big Brother aspect) in your future posts, in other words is the ‘I, Robot’ scenario possible in real life.

  3. I find your topic really interesting since I have not heard much about this before. I liked how you introduced us into the subject. Your blog appears like a very up to the point newspapers article when it comes to structure. I especially like how you have structured your post and you have used many different elements (image, quotation, different fonts) that make it very well readable for the readers. You should keep on doing it like this and I am looking forward to following you.

  4. […] that I have done a lot of research on both topics of Smart Homes (click and click) and fear of technologies (click) I have found something that aroused my interest and […]

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