Uncertainty. And it’s getting worse…


Not knowing how much marketers really know about us is somehow creeping a lot of us out. You’re not the only fraidy cat. See for yourself!



The Uncanny Valley

There is this uncanny valley in personalized advertisement and it gives us that unpleasant feeling: Uncertainty.

However, don’t we actually know that they have all our data? Yes, we do. But aknowledging that to ourselves makes us feel even more insecure. They probably know what you are doing right now, what you’re interested in, who your friends and family are, where you went for vacation, where you prefer to hang around and so on and so forth. Well, they do not probably know, THEY DO KNOW!

If you’re looking for a real eye-opener, take a look at this site and discover your own level of exposure. (Do you even want to know that?)

And as if this wasn’t enough, it’s getting worse!

I recently stumbled across that great TED talk by Eli Pariser. He found out that there is not only personalized advertisement but also personalized content. And that might be the real problem. Not just for you but for our whole society. Definitely check it out!

And if you’re tired of standing on the sidelines and accepting also take a look at Eli Pariser’s advices to declare war on your restricted universe.



  1. rraepple · · Reply

    Enjoyed reading your blog! It improved a lot and i really felt forced to check all the links. Very well done! However, you could still try to make it a little bit more personal.

  2. Hi Anita, you really managed to make me curious by choosing this heading!
    You provide a lot of relevant links that complement your post. By using subheadings and writing some words in bold or italic, your post is nicely structured, easy to read and follow and looks professional. The statistic you provide is simply perfect for your topic. I think that you have found your way; this post really shows that you understood the concept of commenting on the sources that you found and trying to engage your reader in this discussion. By making the post more personal (you could consider Nancy Duarte’s concept of how to engage through storytelling), you could bring your blogposts to the next level.
    Having read your post, I would really like to know what you could do to not be so exposed on the internet. What do you do for more privacy on the internet?
    Keep up the good work! ☺
    xxx Maike

  3. […] my last post, I was really shocked by personalized content and suitably gave my post the title: “Uncertainty. And it’s getting worse…”. Untill then I did not know about the latest trends and what is going on in the moment. Let me tell […]

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