Advertisement vs Content – how the new media uses advertisment

  It is a generally known fact that media of today is financially highly dependent on advertisement. Media businesses – and there we think of journals, magazines, online blogs, music streaming providers etc – offer spaces to companies to promote their products to their generally huge audience. Especially online platforms are in close relation to the marketing department of companies that have a matching target group and want to advertise their product since there is a hardly measurable amount of people thar are being reached, it’s just huge.

   According to the current debate about adfiltering we can see that people have found a way to avoid being confronted with advertisement all the time, and that they truly do not appreciate it. This data can easily be traced by companies. Then they can see that the number of visitors clicking on the advertisement and finally buying the product is drastically declining. The result is that they publish even more ads. And also, that they demand their money back from media publishers. Therefore, major German newspapers started a campaign against adfiltering. Which shows how much corporate ads mean for the existence of media today.

   Online media uses this kind of advertisement actually as the biggest source of financing. Thinking of companies like Spotify, they can only survive by getting customers to pay for flatrates, but also and this is the bigger part by placing advertising that fits to music consumers ( e.g concerts, CD releases, festivals, beverages & fashion) which do not pay and are free consumers. Only because of this they can afford to have free listeners and that is also how they then try to persuade them to pay for a flatrate.





So advertisement and media are highly depending on each other and will stay together for a long time. It is the only way to survive economically on today’s digital market.


Go here for further information.

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