Welcome to the Era of Genetic-Based Advertising

This week I studied some advices for good blogging and did a lot of research especially using Google Blog Search and Google Advanced Search. I found some interesting articles. Today I will write about the most impressive topic I found.

Ancient times and yesterday’s news

Writing my last post, I was really shocked by personalized content and suitably gave my post the title: “Uncertainty. And it’s getting worse…”. Untill then I did not know about the latest trends and what is going on in the moment. Let me tell you one thing: It’s getting worse.

Ok, we all heard about personalized advertisements. Hmm, ancient times…

Personalized content? Yesterday’s news.

 Well, enough with the quibbling… 

They want us to sell our DNA to marketers

Miinome, “the first member controlled human genetic marketplace”, as they call themselves, is a startup founded by a  professor of functional genomics and the director of digital strategy at Yamamoto.

 Miinome’s business model

 … at first sight:

 Suppose you are genetically vulnerable to hair loss. Selling your DNA will expose it to the algorithm which will probably find out that it is getting worse through stress or smoking. Then, they can directly market “Nicorette” and Yoga to you.

 Do you have Lactose-intolerance? They will soon send you the latest products without lactose and a coupon for the new opening of the “No-lactose-supermarket”.

 That actually doesn’t sound that bad, might be useful!

However, let’s shortly go back to ancient times: It is the same with personalized advertisement. Summer dresses instead of support stockings also sounded pretty good in the beginning, right? Think about what you sell in this case and let us take a second look at the business model.

 … at second sight:

  •      they are: a platform which collects genetic data
  •     they provide: genetic data management, storage and brokerage
  •     their biggest asset: you DNA, including traits
  •     what they do with this asset: share them with marketers & researchers

What is happening

 According to Miinome, it’s a pitty that we cannot really make use of our genetic information. Wouldn’t it be great to donate it? We’ll get money for it and the marketers: well, they’ll get who you are and what you do neatly organized and safed on a tiny little biological USB-stick: your genome.



The genome. It’s the core of you who are, it determines who you are! If you ask me, it is a treasure we should protect. Selling it to marketers means selling your most private information: your soul. You basically sell your control center, as your genom determines how you behave. The information in the DNA of the “genetic equity holder” can be tracked to characteristics and behaviors.



Marketers can then analyze and use the data they find on your genome. They can use it for their purposes: which is simply making big bucks! The ugly truth…

Interested in a video of the founders? Click here.
Need more input? Here you find an interesting article.


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