Erdogan vs. the people of Turkey

Especially concerning seems to be the political situation in Turkey right now. In the hope of Turkey soon joining the European Union many German companies invested in this country:

“The number of German companies and Turkish companies with German capital interest in Turkey has now risen to 5,259 (as of February 2013). The sectors in which they are active range from industrial manufacturing and the marketing of all types of products to services of all kinds to retail and wholesale business management.”



If you would like some personal insights please read “What is happening in Istanbul”, a personal statement on the many problems in Turkey.

Watch “Revolting in 90seconds“ a video posted to vimeo a couple of days ago to get an impression of how this protests look like:

istanbul Istanbul

There is also a huge Turkish community in Berlin who protested in Kreuzberg, as an act of solidarity, against Prime Minister Erdogan and the latest developments in Turkey.

Moreover, chairmen of the German party “Die Grünen” Claudia Roth traveled to Turkey recently and protested together with 1000 of others when the police started to vacated Gezi-park with tear gas. She stated that to her it seemed like war.

All these recent developments indicated that Turkey is definitely not ready to join the European Union as a Member state and it might be suggested that even though it`s economy seems promising right now the political situation appears to be very unstable and no one is able to predict what will be happening.


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