Be keen about why to Go Green – How Green Business is up-and-coming due to Technologies for Everyone

Let me ask you a question – do you sometimes junk your chewing gum on the street when there’s no trash can within reach? Do you always buy eco-products and only regional and seasonal fruits? Do you forego taking a hot bath after a long day of working and do you always unplug your charger?

Be honest. Sometimes the fact that no one is watching and no one is visibly benefiting from our efforts drives us to wrongs in our otherwise perfectly sustainable world.

Green is the new Black

Let me start from the beginning – in today’s society, word is that “the greener the better”. Countries like the United Arab Emirates (UAE) – surprisingly, as it is not that common to start such innovations with a political basis which is not that stable – invest so as to become one of the greenest countries in the world. According to the author, current economic achievements aren’t enough but in fact, these projects must be initiated by the country itself – the UAE leads by example by investing in a new scheme called “Masdar”.

As not every enterprise is able to handle such a transformation successfully, groups as the PA Consulting Group specialized in helping others to save our planet. Giving credit to Edmond Cunningham, PA greening business expert, consumers want to buy products which are consciously produced and which “act” in order to get a better return on the environment – thus modern companies do not have many alternatives. This transformation doesn’t only concerns the market and product classification, but rather cast its net wide and reaches mobility, power supply, economic operations and the economy of our world as such. A promising future lies ahead of green business, ain’t it already open up new market niches for people who are simply determined to help others change their business concepts.


But is it really that simple?

Let’s take a look at the shady side of green business. How to find investors for new industrial trends with an uncertain outcome and how to overcome “growing pains” of a new business sector? The author of an interesting blog post I read stated that there were only few people realizing the huge potential hidden in the field of sustainable business and only a selected few were game for investing – the others won’t trust it implicitly since the effects couldn’t be proven yet. True to a degree, but as we could see above, “greening” is on its way up and things are only getting started.

But these are by far not the only obstacles which have to be overcome: As Richard Morgan, writer for eHow, adds for consideration, there are a lot of drawbacks which have to be bore in mind when entering into the green business – among these the rising costs, the trade-off disadvantage of producing more ozone with green cars, plenty of time needed for the transformation which most companies aren’t ready to sacrifice and not-green-tools which have to be used in production and thus contradict the new morale of the enterprise. Chris Joseph, writer for Demand Media, supports Morgan’s doubts.

What traditional Business needs are Freshmen & Smart Cookies

But let’s not hang our head’s and rather look at the myriads of positive news which reach us about successful outcomes in this field. Andy Mannle, Education Director at West Coast Green, shows some successes and explains why green business works out if the few duties which exist are applied properly. Web pages like the Green Online Business Guide profits from finding green business ideas for others – on the one hand, we can see that they use the new market niche which is not that overcrowded yet, on the other hand it is a good way to show that this field is not only growing in importance but simultaneously in fame and thus that it’s attracting young entrepreneurs who are willing to move in that direction. As the Ecosummit 2013 shows, many start-ups are up-and-coming now. Regarding some of the innovations, we can even find a connection to Business Applications: young entrepreneur Anna Yukiko Bickenbach developed an App for the smartphone which is based on a rewarding system. “Ecotastic” should provide an incentive needed in order to make consumers live sustainable and to not only think green but actually ACT green.

Anna Yukiko Bickenbach in Interview at the Ecosummit 2013

So as we can see…

…smart people with smart ideas are making our world a little greener from day to day. The green business is growing and opening up new opportunities instead of simply slowing down profits and making life even more complicated. So be honest, it is not that hard for us to contribute, is it? And if you should need a little impetus in order to get started, just download the App and collect rewards, making going green the easiest thing in life.


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