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Oh Darling, let’s be Adventurers!

Adventure Travel … is an internationally and rapidly expanding tourism market segment. According to the Adventure Travel Trade Association it is a  $89 billion industry showing an immense growth rate of 17% – this is four times as high as the overall rate of the whole industry. Adventure tourism is described as one of the most powerful […]

DNA Sequencing – An Opportunity for Breakthroughs in Science?

Since I was very sceptic about DNA donation in my last post, I wanted to find out more about possible advantages . Let’s take a look at the advantages DNA donation can actually be a huge opportunity for medicine and research. A lot of DNA donors want to help science and contribute to the development […]

Welcome to the Era of Genetic-Based Advertising

This week I studied some advices for good blogging and did a lot of research especially using Google Blog Search and Google Advanced Search. I found some interesting articles. Today I will write about the most impressive topic I found. Ancient times and yesterday’s news Writing my last post, I was really shocked by personalized […]

Uncertainty. And it’s getting worse…

Creepy! Not knowing how much marketers really know about us is somehow creeping a lot of us out. You’re not the only fraidy cat. See for yourself!   The Uncanny Valley There is this uncanny valley in personalized advertisement and it gives us that unpleasant feeling: Uncertainty. However, don’t we actually know that they have […]

Personalized Advertisement and Content – An Introductory Post

Personalized Advertisement … is a frequently used technique in modern marketing with which we are confronted in nowadays. Thanks to sophisticated technologies and the most powerful means of mass communication of the 21st century: The internet, marketers can make use of a broad array of strategies in order to influence their target group’s consumption behavior. […]