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Are Microcredits really the Rock Stars of International Aid?

There are more problems in the Third- World than we can count: Poverty, child mortality, lack of democracy, low education, corruption, HIV, Malaria, hunger, lack of gender equality, crime… These are heavy problems that need to be solved in order to achieve a world worth living for our future generations. Reducing extreme poverty is one […]

Are Microcredits really the Rock Star of International Aid?

There is no magical pill that can cure poverty. And that makes fighting against it very frustrating and long- winded. But if someone finds something that sound very good in theory, people start having high expectations of it. The same happened with microcredits. But what are microcredits exactly? Basically, microcredits are small loans given to […]


HOW ESTHER DUFLO WANTS TO CHANGE SOCIAL AID “In technology, we spend so much time experimenting, fine-tuning, getting the absolute cheapest way to do something – so why aren’t we doing that with social policy?” Esther Duflo belongs to the eight most influential economists worldwide (The Economist, 2008) and to the one hundred most influential […]