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Be keen about why to Go Green – How Green Business is up-and-coming due to Technologies for Everyone

Let me ask you a question – do you sometimes junk your chewing gum on the street when there’s no trash can within reach? Do you always buy eco-products and only regional and seasonal fruits? Do you forego taking a hot bath after a long day of working and do you always unplug your charger? […]

Doing business with the Poor – Opportunity or Dead Duck?

Inventions can not only safe the world – but also lives. In my recent posts, I concentrated on highlighting the impact of businesses on our environement, searching for sustainable concepts to impede its slow destruction. But why don’t we take a look over the rim of a tea cup and address those who live in […]


Let’s start off with a little brain-teaser: “SUSTAINABILITY” – think about this term for a couple of minutes, try to find words you connect with it, try to detect the meaning you personally associate with it. Now tell me, is it just waste separation and organic eggs for you or are you looking beyond the […]

The artistical aspect of sustainability

“Our failure to address environmental issues is not a failure of information but a failure of imagination.” IT IS ALL ABOUT THE FUTURE As far as we know, businesses build upon rationalism and data-driven concepts. Boosting profits, enhancing efficiency, making productivity as fast as possible. But in order to provoke commitment – which is one […]

How to change the world – or in other words:

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Watching this short clip about Ray Anderson, founder of Interface, innovator of sustainable business concepts and an amazing and inspiring personality, I just felt the need to share it with others. I am doing research on Business in Sustainability, a more than current topic if […]