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Technology vs. human labor

Many times after the recent economic crisis Germany has been named to be a role model for Europe. But developing technologies change more and more rapid every day, this changes as well the need for labor in our economy and therefore our society. Nowadays, work has changed that much that sometimes even when working eight […]

Erdogan vs. the people of Turkey

Especially concerning seems to be the political situation in Turkey right now. In the hope of Turkey soon joining the European Union many German companies invested in this country: “The number of German companies and Turkish companies with German capital interest in Turkey has now risen to 5,259 (as of February 2013). The sectors in […]

Withdrawing from the East

Whenever travelling to Eastern European countries I really feel like I am in a different world. Until I see all the different signs of German companies: Deutsche Bahn on polish rails, Germany car factories everywhere, Lidl can be find on every corner, and even Deutsch Bank is going east! The Trend to invest more and […]

Hungary`s developement weakens economy

Recent developments in Hungary weaken economy     Everyone who might have read the news over the last week will have come across many negative articles on recent developments in Hungary and on Hungary’s Prime Minister Victor Orban. Then at the same time when searching online I still find many positive quotes on Hungary and […]

Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe as industrial location Why do I write about this topic? Even though many Eastern European countries joined the EU in 2004 and 2007 their role and their importance appears low to many people. Little attention is paid to the fact that Eastern European countries are nowadays inseparable to the economy of the EU. […]