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Creativity – creating and killing it

I’ve been previously writing about innovation (here, here and here). Since innovation is defined as “the act of introducing something new“, it can be almost anything. But what lies beneath every single innovation is creativity. Creativity is not exclusive to artists and a few highly-skilled geniuses in R&D teams. For instance in the field of humanistic psychology creativity […]

Innovation Management Software

This week I wanted to find out what kinds of applications and software are out there in the field of innovation management. I would like to shortly present you the reserach I did. Brightidea Brightidea creates and produces software to plan the innovation process from the beginning to the end. In my opinion their most […]

No more tomorrows

Last week I wrote about innovations and how they come into existence. There is one big obstacle that has to be overcome in order to make innovations happen: things simply need to get done. This is no big deal for some individuals who have the enviable ability to start working on tasks on time and […]

Where do innovations come from?

Creativity and innovation are the driving forces which are necessary for an advance of any type, be it cultural, technological or scientifical. I chose to go more in depth with this topic because I think that it is the core aspect of most businesses these days. Even though some firms may get away with doing […]