Especially concerning seems to be the political situation in Turkey right now. In the hope of Turkey soon joining the European Union many German companies invested in this country: “The number of German companies and Turkish companies with German capital interest in Turkey has now risen to 5,259 (as of February 2013). The sectors in […]

Inventions can not only safe the world – but also lives. In my recent posts, I concentrated on highlighting the impact of businesses on our environement, searching for sustainable concepts to impede its slow destruction. But why don’t we take a look over the rim of a tea cup and address those who live in […]

Since I was very sceptic about DNA donation in my last post, I wanted to find out more about possible advantages . Let’s take a look at the advantages DNA donation can actually be a huge opportunity for medicine and research. A lot of DNA donors want to help science and contribute to the development […]

Avowedly, some future inventions we are confronted with in some movies are scary. Destructive robots out of control and aggressive clones wanting to rule the world are nothing I want to see in real life. But there are also people, like my mum, who are reluctant or even afraid of new technologies we young people […]

  I was born in 1993, and me, together with all others from my generation, we are considered digital natives. Digital Natives are people that grew up with the internet. So today it is common to be on the web. As a result, we produce huge amounts of data during our lifes – every time […]

When we think of what technology and personal computing have brought to us over the past 30 years, it seems unimaginable how life would be without them. In the Facebook-era, where most people rely on their smartphones, interconnection is something you hardly get around. But when these smart devices provide so various benefits, why not also apply […]

There is no magical pill that can cure poverty. And that makes fighting against it very frustrating and long- winded. But if someone finds something that sound very good in theory, people start having high expectations of it. The same happened with microcredits. But what are microcredits exactly? Basically, microcredits are small loans given to […]