There are more problems in the Third- World than we can count: Poverty, child mortality, lack of democracy, low education, corruption, HIV, Malaria, hunger, lack of gender equality, crime… These are heavy problems that need to be solved in order to achieve a world worth living for our future generations. Reducing extreme poverty is one […]

Many times after the recent economic crisis Germany has been named to be a role model for Europe. But developing technologies change more and more rapid every day, this changes as well the need for labor in our economy and therefore our society. Nowadays, work has changed that much that sometimes even when working eight […]

Back to the Roots: Innovator Apple wants to get back on track At the WWDC ( World Wide Developer Conference) in the beginning of June Apple CEO Tim Cook stated that his teams are working hard on developping new hardware, software and services. Apple is coming back on track with new technology. And with their […]

I’ve been previously writing about innovation (here, here and here). Since innovation is defined as “the act of introducing something new“, it can be almost anything. But what lies beneath every single innovation is creativity. Creativity is not exclusive to artists and a few highly-skilled geniuses in R&D teams. For instance in the field of humanistic psychology creativity […]

Adventure Travel … is an internationally and rapidly expanding tourism market segment. According to the Adventure Travel Trade Association it is a  $89 billion industry showing an immense growth rate of 17% – this is four times as high as the overall rate of the whole industry. Adventure tourism is described as one of the most powerful […]

Hello all, now, that I have done a lot of research on both topics of Smart Homes (click and click) and fear of technologies (click) I have found something that aroused my interest and unifies both in some point. My topic obviously progressed a lot, but where is the real significance for business? Here it […]

Let me ask you a question – do you sometimes junk your chewing gum on the street when there’s no trash can within reach? Do you always buy eco-products and only regional and seasonal fruits? Do you forego taking a hot bath after a long day of working and do you always unplug your charger? […]